SeaWaves To Develop Education Site

SeaWaves is currently exploring the higher education niche with a new website called Top Colleges Online. The goal of the website is to provide visitors with information about online education and well as to assist them in choosing a college to attend.

The online education niche will offer us an opportunity to diversify our business away from volume based cpm advertising and to focus on lead generation opportunities in the profitable higher education industry. Our goal is to quickly build one of the highest quality resources for prospective students on the Internet.

We are looking forward to this new challenge.


Keepio: A Cool New Social Swapping Service

We just ran across this new online service called Keepio which makes it easy to use your pre-established social media networks on Facebook or Twitter to swap, loan or sell the things you own. So if you want to sell your XBox or all those clothes that don’t fit you anymore because of your P90X workout, you can go directly to the people you know and trust and avoid a site like Craigslist and all of its headaches and baggage.

Want to trade video games? Or maybe even swap favors? Keepio can handle that too. And if you want to get more exposure than your limited social network you can also include your for sale items in the Keepio marketplace.

In addition to providing this obviously benefitial social swapping service, you can also use Keepio to keep an inventory of all the things you own. For some, especially those who move a lot, this feature will be priceless.

Keepio is very cool, and something that is much needed in the social media space. We definitely encourage you to try it out.


Fun Links Daily Launches

SeaWaves is a company that specializes in social media marketing. Every day we are knee deep in the best content around the Internet.

We figured why not create a site that highlights the best content we come across every day. And after playing around with different ideas, out popped Fun Links Daily.

FLD is going to mostly just be a fun project for us. If it takes off, that would be great. But we’ve always wanted to keep a catalog of our favorite content and this is where we’ll do it.

We hope you enjoy the site!


Daily Revelry Launches

At SeaWaves, we like to encourage our employees to be creative and work on their own projects as well as the projects they work on for our company. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Internet, it’s that everyone benefits from social cooperation. It may sound counter-intuitive, but if we help one of our employees produce and own something online, and he pours his heart into it, there’s a good chance he’ll return favors down the road. It’s not guaranteed, but we like the chances.

One of our longest serving employees has just launched a new website called The Daily Revelry which highlights interesting, awe inspiring, amazing and just plain neat content from around the web, as well as some original stuff.

Keep an eye on The Daily Revelry. We expect it to be big.


SeaWaves Technology Advertiser Notice

To all Advertisers on SeaWaves Technology Web Properties:

Before purchasing ad space on any of our web properties, please take note. Luis Escalante is not authorized to sell advertising for our web properties. If you would like to purchase advertising from any of our sites, please use the contact form on this website or the contact form on the target site. Unfortunately, we can not honor any sales done through Luis Escalante from this point forward.

Thank you for your understanding,

The SeaWaves Team


Celebrating Sea Isle City, Our Hometown

As the winter winds to a close and spring approaches, at SeaWaves we can’t help but get excited. Our hometown, Sea Isle City, is a summer vacation beach town. While it quiets down in the winter, the summer brings lots of excitement… and that’s the real reason we’re located here.

In the summer, Sea Isle City is bustling with vacationers who come down for the week (or the weekend) to enjoy some fun in the sun. Visitors stroll along the promenade, jump waves in the ocean, read books on the beach, go kayaking and some even try their hand at wind surfing. It all adds to the great summer atmosphere that is Sea Isle City.

One of our favorite parts of the summer are the several ice cream parlours around town. After a long day in the sun, we like going out to eat at one of the sea food restaurants like Mike’s Seafood, and then afterward heading out to get ice cream. Later at night, there’s nothing like hanging out at the Springfield Inn Carousel (an outside bar).

Recently, there has been talk about the possibility of building a new section of Sea Isle City to draw in more tourists. Rumors are that this will include amusement rides and maybe even a water park. While we don’t look forward to the spike in traffic that this will bring, it will certainly help the economy grow by leaps and bounds and give visitors even more options when they visit.

We can’t emphasize enough how great a Sea Isle City vacation is. If you plan to visit, here’s a really useful page that helps you search through Sea Isle City rentals to find the perfect place to stay.


Paper Proofreader – Seeding A Domain Before Launch

One of our new clients is called Paper Proofreader. While we work on developing their e-commerce website, we decided to put up a page describing the services they will provide with editing and proofreading papers.

Why did we do this? Mainly to prime the pump. To start the aging process on the domain. Any new domain needs to age a bit before it is taken seriously. Given that it will take us a few months to develop this site, we hope that once we are ready we can hit the ground running.

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Mobile Search Focuses On Local Search

There are almost 3 times as many cell phones in the world then computers. So it’s no surprise that Google sees mobile search as it’s major opportunity for revenue growth. Since Google makes most of its money by selling search based advertising, all they need to do is increase the number of people that search.

The interesting thing about cell phone search is that it’s often used for different reasons than normal search. For example, someone might with a cell phone is more likely to be searching for information relevant to being on the road in some particular place. Thus, their searches are more likely to be seeking local information.

At SeaWaves, we are aggressively trying to identify ways that we can get involved in local mobile search, and our plans are to utilize our Jersey Shore website site as testing ground.


Dog Guide Moving Closer and Closer To BETA

Well, when we acquired The Dog Guide it wasn’t clear what was in store. But several years later we are about to move the site out of development and into BETA status.

What does that mean? Well, you can expect that as soon as we roll into 2009, the site will have the following in place:

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Customizing WordPress With Plugins & Widgets

My friend Chris Garrett recently did something with WordPress that still amazes me. He took a basic installation of WordPress, had a plugin built, and effectively created a shopping site where the user is able to choose the options they want in a credit card.

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