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SeaWaves To Develop Education Site

SeaWaves is currently exploring the higher education niche with a new website called Top Colleges Online. The goal of the website is to provide visitors with information about online education and well as to assist them in choosing a college to attend.

The online education niche will offer us an opportunity to diversify our business away from volume based cpm advertising and to focus on lead generation opportunities in the profitable higher education industry. Our goal is to quickly build one of the highest quality resources for prospective students on the Internet.

We are looking forward to this new challenge.


Paper Proofreader – Seeding A Domain Before Launch

One of our new clients is called Paper Proofreader. While we work on developing their e-commerce website, we decided to put up a page describing the services they will provide with editing and proofreading papers.

Why did we do this? Mainly to prime the pump. To start the aging process on the domain. Any new domain needs to age a bit before it is taken seriously. Given that it will take us a few months to develop this site, we hope that once we are ready we can hit the ground running.

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Customizing WordPress With Plugins & Widgets

My friend Chris Garrett recently did something with WordPress that still amazes me. He took a basic installation of WordPress, had a plugin built, and effectively created a shopping site where the user is able to choose the options they want in a credit card.

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Relaunching Old, Stale Sites

A SeaWaves website called The Common Sense Investor has been sitting idle for well over 2 years.

The site does not get very much traffic at this point. However, we are in the process of resuscitating it with the hopes of getting traffic up below the 100k Alexa range.

What are our challenges?

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SeaWaves Launches Glamorati in BETA


SeaWaves was instrumental in developing a new social news site called Glamorati. Our concept with Glamorati was to develop a brand that simultaneously represented the average person’s A) love of celebrity culture and B) hatred of celebrity culture. In other words, “the Glamorati” stands for “common people who enjoy tracking the lives of celebrities, but enjoy mocking them too.”

As a social news site, Glamorati allows users to register and submit snarky (hopefully better than the original) headlines with links to their favorite stories. What sets Glamorati apart from the masses of social media sites on the internet is the emphasis on snarky celebrity headlines and the fact that user submissions are all vetted by editors, with the hopes of maintaining a high level of quality.

In addition to the main page, Glamorati is complimented by a celebrity news blog called News from the Glamorati.


SeaWaves Launches AdSavvy

adsavvy - ads that turn you on

SeaWaves is partnering with several high profile individuals online to test out the Advertising and Marketing niche in it’s latest project called AdSavvy. The basic idea behind AdSavvy is to analyze print and tv commercial ads and help identify the keys to creating ads that work.

The hope with AdSavvy is to create a smart but interesting center of advertising and marketing philosophy and to leverage this into high-profile consulting opportunities.


SeaWaves Launches Thrive

SeaWaves has launched a group microblog called Thrive which covers news in popular culture. As the web moves increasingly towards headline oriented information, microblogging is where everything is happening these days. Just check out Twitter.

Does your business want a Twitter presence? Or do you want to set up your own private microblog for brainstorming? SeaWaves can help. Contact us today.


SeaWaves Launches 8 New Blogs

SeaWaves Technology is pleased to announce the launch of eight great new blogs. We hope you get the chance to enjoy the unique and rich articles that are featured at each site.

North Carolina Travel Guide

Written by a long time resident of North Carolina, the North Carolina Travel Guide offers an affectionate look at what she calls the “crown jewel in America‚Äôs treasure trove of tourist destinations”.

Life On A Shoestring Budget

Written by an individual who has spent her life living with limited finances, Life On A Shoestring Budget offers tips and suggestions for living frugally in a high-consuming society.

The Garden Granny

A unique and distinctive garden blog where gardening is more than planting and growing seeds. The Garden Granny sees gardening is a way to be in close relationship with the land and to appreciate nature.

The Wise Living Journal

The world can be a confusing place, especially as society seems to constantly speed along at a frenzied pace. The Wise Living Journal is an attempt to guide people to live more intentionally, responsibly and to connect more firmly with their roots and understandings about basic things.

From Mom to Grandma

This is a family blog written by a lifetime mother who is now making the transition to being a grandmother. With wise advice and a great sense of humor, From Mom to Grandma is a joy to read for anyone who appreciates motherhood.

People First Politics

A progressive political blog that seeks to put political power back in the hands of the people. As government becomes less and less in tune with the needs and concerns of the average citizen, People First Politics makes a clear and resounding call for America to get back to it’s political roots.

Poodle Breed Guide

A blog dedicated to the most popular breed of dog on the planet: the poodle. The Poodle Breed Guide pays homage to the breed with affectionate stories and tips for people who have welcomed poodles into their homes.

Science News Review

In today’s society, science affects the lives of everyone, yet few ordinary citizens have an understanding of the current state of science. With clear and basic explanations, Science News Review aims to make science news accessible to the average person.


SeaWaves Launches The NFL Guru

SeaWaves Technology is pleased to announce the launch of its latest blog, The NFL Guru. Written by football expert Brian Ethridge, the blog covers everything from fantasy football sleepers, to NFL news and even the latest on football video games like Madden and 2K8.

The NFL is clearly America’s sport, and as such, we just couldn’t resist getting into the game and taking a stab at producing a quality blog for this massive niche. Brian is a great writer, clearly knows his stuff, and will certainly turn the blog into a great resource for NFL football fans across the world.


SeaWaves Launches Two New Sites

At the end of the summer, we plan to launch a new network of sites themed around the concept of “thriving at life” – two of those sites just launched today.

One Big Health Nut is a fitness and health blog that focuses on practical tips for eating better and keeping in shape. Written in a conversational language, the blog aims to provide readers with the tools they need to eat well, exercise and make healthy living a lifestyle.

Puzzling Thoughts is a carefully crafted blog name that highlights the fact that this blog is about challenging math and logic puzzles. Want to improve your brain age? Want to stretch your mind? Check out these thought provoking puzzles and your bound to have a good time.


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