One Of A Kind: Sites That Stand Out – 8/24/06

On the internet, it’s very common to come upon the same-old, same-old. Lots of duplicate content. Everyone trying to make a buck or two for free. The net is now full of junk.

But there are still gems out there. Original, high-value content hasn’t disappeared completely. But it is harder to find than ever. That’s why we’re featuring a series of posts on websites that we encounter which offer totally original, valuable content.

The first site that we’d like to feature is the Greater Reading PA Video News channel called is truly a vision of the next generation of web content. Forget Web 2.0. shows us how the internet can be used to empower and sustain local communities. Using high definition video in 5 minute long interview segments, the folks at are taking a grassroots approach to internet tv. By interviewing local Reading musicians, businesses, sports teams and even the tech-savvy mayor of Reading himself, is providing that unique local flavor to news that has gone missing for so many years.

Not only are they doing something totally original with their site, but the site owners are doing it well. That matters. This is no shoddy fly by night project. The quality of video is top notch, recorded in HD. Much better quality than sites like YouTube.

For a taste of things to come packaged up in a well executed site, be sure to check out

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