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SeaWaves Launch

SeaWaves Technology announces the launch of its business in January 2006. We are excited to serve you.

SeaWaves Computer Products!

SeaWaves Technology is a new computer services company located in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Based in Cape May County, we provide unique computer and internet related services to local individuals and businesses. We can help you set up a secure network, design a website and even promote your website on the internet. In fact, we can meet all your computer needs!

Wireless Networking Devices

Want to jump on our new wireless internet network in Sea Isle City. If you're going to be visiting Sea Isle, or even if you're a full time resident, you'll need a wireless networking device. Many laptop's already have them installed. Most desktop's don't. In any case, we can provide you with with wireless cards, wireless routers, and more.

Computer Products

Do you need ethernet networking cable? How about extra computer memory, a DVD writer, a new monitor or even an external storage device? We can help you choose the right product for your needs and even provide installation services.

Computer Systems

Do you need a new computer system? Whether you need a desktop or laptop, we've got what you need. We can even outfit an entire business. We'll offer unique consultation, customization and service.

Web Hosting

Do you need a place to "host" your website and manage your domain name (www.domain-name.com)? Let us do what we do well, so that you can do what you do well!

Computer Products & Services

SeaWaves Technology can provide consulting and implementation of a wide variety of computer related projects. Do you merely need help finding a new computer? We can help! Does your business need help setting up a secure and powerful network? We can help!


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