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SeaWaves Launch

SeaWaves Technology announces the launch of its business in January 2006. We are excited to serve you.

Wireless Internet Security

All relevant security should start at your computer and end at the server on the other end of the transaction.

Whenever you use the internet, whether with a wireless or wired connection, all password and financial transactions should take place via the "https" protocol using an SSL certificate. When SSL is used, your personal data is protected by the best internet security available. You can confirm that you are using this secure method by looking for "https" and not "http" in the URL.

All SeaWaves related payment and password transactions are protected by the very best security methods available. In these situations, our methods are as good or superior to wired internet connections. Normal web browsing and email communications are comparable to standard WiFi security. Just like all internet communication, if the content is not secured at the point that it leaves your computer, it is vulnerable to those who are determined and skilled enough to perform various decryption methods.

While all forms of communication come with security risks, wireless technology has its own unique security issues. Nonetheless, we believe that the media has overhyped these risks. For example, it is much riskier to send an email over a wired internet connection than to make a credit card purchase over a wireless internet connection, so long as the credit card transaction is done with a legitimate company such as Amazon.com. Similarly, the most significant security risks on the internet are called "SpyWare" and viruses. These risks do not distinguish between wired and wireless internet users.

Still, there are a number of precautions that you can take to protect yourself while on a wireless network. If you are doing business related work, ask your employer's computer technicians to install what is called a VPN so that your sensitive work gets the best encryption possible at all times. VPN uses encrypted tunneling technology so that whatever travels over the wireless connection can not be intercepted and understood. VPN can slow down your internet speed, but for ultra sensitive information, it might be worth the cost.

For an excellent VPN solution combined with Anti-Spyware, consider:
The Anonymizer Safe Surfing Suite



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