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Web Development Fees


Basic Service: $350

Complete entry-level website with basic graphics. Includes one full year of webhosting for free.


Promo Package: $550

Basic service plus one full year of basic web promotion.


Superior Performance: $1199

For those who want the strongest web presence we can deliver. Includes targeted link building and a $500 money-back guarantee on superior search engine placement.

SeaWaves Web Development!

Web development is an art. It requires a keen sense of spatial layout and logical organization. Just like you can't be a good violinist or painter overnight, becoming a good web developer takes many years of practice. If you're new to the art of web development, take advantage of our expertise so that together we can create a beautiful web presence.

Web development is the first of two necessary steps for creating a strong web presence (the second step is web promotion). SeaWaves can provide both services at a reasonable price.

Our 10% Discount

We offer a 10% discount to all clients who work closely with us to finish a project within seven days. We offer this discount because it's in the interest of both parties to efficiently produce a quality product.

Web Development

From the birth of an idea to the launch of a website, we are here to help. The internet has become a pivotal source of information. Your business needs to have a strong web presence to stay competitive. We work closely with our customers at every stage of the process to ensure that the final product is even better than imagined.

To begin the web development process, we aim to catch our customer's vision. What do you want the website to accomplish and who is your target audience. On a day-in and day-out basis, how do you envision your website being used by others? Will the site be mainly for personal purposes (friends and relatives) or do you hope to acquire customers?

After we get a feel for our client's vision, we then aim to identify a color scheme and collect pictures or art that our client wants to use in the website. Often times, the color scheme can be pulled from already existing logos, pictures, artwork, or even a favorite website.

With the color scheme in hand, and a general sense of the website's purpose, we put together a mock website. This is like a first draft in order to solicit client feedback. Included in the mock website will be a suggested navigational structure, basic logo art, and page layout.

Once the client has approved of the mock website, we then ask the client to start providing textual content to fill in the "white spaces." This might include information about your company, contact information, pictures of employees, descriptions of products and/or services offered. Under our standard web development packages, clients are expected to provide this information. For an additional charge, we are more than willing to help you develop the textual content of your website.

Graphic Design

At SeaWaves, our website designs emphasize an aesthetic of simplicity over an excessive use of graphics. Since search engines don't read images, their overuse can actually have negative consequences. Nonetheless, it is often important to use graphics wisely, and we can help you develop them for your website.

Our cheapest solution is a basic text logo with client provided art. This service is provided for free with any web development package.

If you are interested in having us design a basic logo for your company independently of any web development package, we can do so for $150. This charge does not cover the cost of developing original artwork. Clients will be expected to provide digital art or digital pictures for us to use in hte logo.

A significantly more expensive solution involves custom art design. We can do logos with custom art for $650 per design.

Web Hosting

Once you've had your website developed, it needs to be "hosted" on a webserver. Webhosting is free for one year with any web development package. We also offer competitively low rates for webhosting. Let us help.

Web Promotion

Once you've had your website developed and placed on the internet, you may want to go the extra mile and ensure that you have a strong web presence. On the internet the old saying "if you build it, they will come" no longer applies. You could build the nicest website in the world, but what good is the website if no one knows about it. There are several key aspects to a successful web promotion campaign. Let us help.


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