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Web Promotion Fees


Organic Link Building : $100/link

Building powerful links into the pages of your site is our speciality. We search for the highest quality links available. Most link builders settle for mediocrity. We go for the best. And the results speak for themselves.


Social Media Campaign : $650

Includes one written linkbait article and social media promotion.


Standard Link Promotion: $399/month

We'll build five high-quality editorial links per month in a relevant and organic context.


Premium Link Promotion: $999/month

We'll build 20 high-quality editorial based links per month in a relvant and organic context.


Site Optimization Analysis: $599/site

Thorough analysis and recommendations intended to optimize your site for search engine traffic and conversion. Comprehensive report provided.


Basic Directory Submission Service: $599

Guarantees 5 relevant, high-quality, directory submissions. We only submit to directories that matter.


Unique Tools



SeaWaves Web Promotion!

On the internet, the old saying "if you build it, they will come" no longer applies. You can build the nicest website in the world, but it's not doing its job if no one knows about it. There are several key steps to promoting a website and we can help you implement each one successfully.

Link Building Service

Link building is the key to establishing a strong and powerful web presence. SeaWaves offers cream-of-the-crop editorial links that are both relevant and natural. We do not introduce your site into bad neighborhood link farms or temporary situations like so many other link building companies. In fact, we work tirelessly to find the very best carefully crafted links designed for maximum potency.

It's a fact. Link building is the most powerful and sustainable form of web promotion around. Contact us today to get started with our linkbuilding web promotion service.

Social Media Campaigns

One of the most natural ways to establish your site on the Internet is to create strong, compelling resources that other sites will naturally link to. SeaWaves is able to provide high quality linkbait that will attract attention and links. A Social Media web promotion campaign will result in both short and long term traffic gains.

Get your website noticed today with a professional Social Media Campaign from SeaWaves.

Site Optimization Service

There are several steps that you can take to optimize the traffic to your site. We do a thorough analysis of your current positioning in the search engines, and provide a detailed report full of concrete steps that you can take to make your site perform at a much higher level. Our primary optimization service is targeted at increasing your position within Google and other search engines for important search terms. However, we can also provide custom consulting to help you reach your goals.

Directory Submission Service

Directories are human-edited maps of the internet. The best directories on the web get a lot of traffic and carry a lot of authority. We can help you get you situated in the most powerful and relevant directories on the internet. One of our added-values services is to locate topical directories that are relevant to your specific niche. Not all directory submission services do this for you.

Although your web promotion stategy should never rely soley on directory submission, it can help quickly boost the perceived relevancy of your website.

Corporate Level Internet Marketing Services

For corporate level strategies, SeaWaves has partnered with Rapid Viral Media:




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