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SeaWaves Launch

SeaWaves Technology announces the launch of its business in January 2006. We are excited to serve you.

Wireless Internet Snooping

It is not uncommon for laptop users with wireless internet capabilities to innocently turn their laptop on and find that they have free internet access. Most users are unaware of exactly where the internet connection is coming from, because their computers automatically connect to any available wireless connection. What most users don't know is that very often they are involved in an illegal activity that can actually be punishable by law - a man in Florida was recently arrested for stealing his neighbors internet connection. In addition, they are making themselves prone to security risks by a resourceful hacker.

What you can do about internet snooping

Make sure that you know exactly where you're internet connection is coming from. If you do not know, then it is wise to disconnect and not make use of the service. As mentioned above, using someone else's internet connection is illegal and it is becoming easier for the owner of the internet connection to identify whom is using their connection (by using MAC address identification software).

If you own a wireless router, then make sure that it is not set up to be freely available to anyone passing by your house. Any illegal internet activity over this connection is your responsibility. Do not allow your wireless router to become the toolkit of an immoral spammer, hacker or pedophile.



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